Release Note

October 16, 2020


  • Fixed bugs with SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::getBandwidthTotal and getBandwidthForDateRange
  • Added checksumAlgorithm to SoftLayer_Virtual_Disk_Image


  • Replica volume cancellation is not allowed when volume failover is initiated.
  • Added Validation to verify that the User has View Passwords Permission that is required to Order a Workflow.
  • Allow a user to delete their own parent when IAM Policy overrides hierarchy
  • Corrects setting the old billing item id on upgrade order items and associating new billing items with member servers.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate volumes were unable to be ordered on certain Endurance tiers.
  • Performance improvements when placing VSI orders.

Depreciated Notice

NESSUS_VULNERABILITY_ASSESSMENT_REPORTING, which was previously a required item when ordering a server or virtual guest, is no longer required, and no longer maintained. When placing new orders please remove this tiem from the price list.

SoftLayer_Monitoring_Agent (ordered by the MONITORING_HOST_PING_AND_TCP_SERVICE item) has also been removed.

See SysDig for alternative to both products.