Release Note

March 8, 2021


  • ApiKeys should now only be visible to the owner of the api key. The master user will be able to see if a user has a key, but not the actual value of the key.
  • Return false instead of exception for SoftLayer_Network_Storage::isIndedicatedServiceResource function.
  • Improved SLDN documentation on SoftLayer_User_Permission_Group_Type
  • Added new api for disaster recovery failover for Network Storage volumes.
  • Added a check in failbackfromReplicant to prevent flagged parent volume from failing back
  • Added Method to get a firewalls version: SoftLayer_Network_Vlan_Firewall::getFirewallFirmwareVersion
  • SoftLayer_Network_Message_Delivery::sendEmail() endpoint has been deprecated and will be removed in API version 3.2


  • For current Network Storage replicas, a race condition exists where the replication will occasionally start before the snapshot is taken. This causes the latest snapshot to occasionally not be copied to the replica. To solve this race condition, replication will now start 5 minutes after the scheduled snapshot. The 5 minute delay will only affect new replica provisions. Current provisions will continue to replicate at the same time as the scheduled snapshot. To upgrade a current replica to the new 5 minute delayed replication schedule, the current replica must be canceled and re-ordered.
  • Provided ability to provision file and block storage in a dedicated cluster.