Release Note

April 9, 2021


  • Fix UI so that an impatient user cannot make multiple requests by banging on the button.


  • Improve the message in getApiAuthenticationKeys method when subuser get the key of another
  • Deprecating SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_IpAddress_Global::route and SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_IpAddress_Global::unroute, which will continue to function as proxies to SoftLayer_Network_Subnet::route and SoftLayer_Network_Subnet::unroute, respectively. A transaction record will no longer be returned from either endpoint.
  • Add payment type validation for anonymous orders in the API.
  • exposed API call that allows the customer to check on the most recent timestamp of the replication process.


  • Don’t allow duplicate volume to be refreshed while duplicate provision is still happening.
  • Automatically cancels billing of dependent duplicates if any existing for a primary volume
  • VSI with more than 128 GiB memory should not boot into rescue mode.