Release Note

August 6, 2021


  • Remove property SoftLayer_Location::onlinePptpVpnUserCount
  • Deprecate SoftLayer_Network_Subnet::activeTransaction and SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_IpAddress_Global::activeTransaction
  • Provide flag and API on the hardware object to denote billing change available SoftLayer_Hardware::getAvailableBillingTermChangePrices


  • Prevent image captures for servers not in ACTIVE status
  • Allow bare metal customers to migrate to term-based pricing. Customers can now upgrade from monthly to one-year, monthly to three-year or one-year to three-year term agreements.
  • Ensure phone field validation methods are executed during user sync from to SLDN.
  • Take the same Rescue Layer steps to boot from ISO regardless of amount of memory on the guest.
  • During reclaim of Replica the _REP schedule are removed from Primary volume