Release Note

December 8, 2021


  • Deprecate the ‘bundleItems’ relational property on ‘SoftLayer_Billing_Item’. Not to be confused with ‘bundledItems’, which is the correct relational property to use.
  • Functionality to enable disable snapshot usage warning notification. SoftLayer_Network_Storage::setSnapshotNotification and SoftLayer_Network_Storage::getSnapshotNotificationStatus
  • Update getbandwidthData function call to work properly.
  • Adds deviceStatus to virtual guest class
  • Update powerOff and powerOn and powerOffSoft methods to call updateDeviceStatus method and update the device status accordingly.
  • Add SoftLayer_Hardware_Status link from SoftLayer_Hardware
  • Update SoftLayer_Billing_Item::cancel to call updateDeviceStatus
  • Addresses over billing when PlanId changes
  • Adds deprecation tagging support for SLDN and metadata documentation


  • Fix dedicated host migrations to retain proper CPU, memory, and disk space allocations