Release Note

March 4, 2022


  • Deduplicate list of users that have access to SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest
  • Fix File/Block volume-detail API call to return one Target IP (out of 2 its configured with) when classic block volume is moved into different HA pair. The Target IP Address returned after this fix for any block volumes may differ from what was returned in the past. This is because we are now returning one out of the two Target IPs we are offering for multipath configuration. Both of them will work as expected.
  • Removes the ORM key: SoftLayer_Billing_Item::bundleItems which was deprecated for some time, and monitoring confirmed it wasn’t being actively queried via the API.
  • Remove primaryIpAddress ORM key from SoftLayer_Hardware_Switch
  • Updates to include some extra documentation


  • Allow users to Failover volume even if volume status is : Disaster Recovery Failback Completed
  • Skip ping during provisions for custom images. If image is custom, retry Linux for 5 minutes and Windows for 10 minutes. After that, create customer ticket warning them of failed ping checks and complete the transaction.
  • Fix customer managed guests with the wrong type ID
  • Prevent ordering with image templates that have Windows Server 2019 from erroneously including Hyper-V.
  • Update authentication to allow HSM IP addresses to be seen by account owners.
  • Bug fix for device status on VSIs
  • Add MEX01 to closing locations