Release Note

August 26, 2022


  • Removed all guest-related methods from SLDN exposure on the SoftLayer_Virtual_Host class, since customer-managed guests are no longer available as a product and therefore host information is not exposed to customers for their guests.
  • Update volumeStatus as string in case of ISCSI volume
  • Updated SLDN Documentation for SoftLayer_User_Customer_ApiAuthentication to match behavior
  • Deprecate Autoscale for Classic API methods
  • Adding new package names to Sendgrid product items.
  • Clarify 2nd event log entry for IAM Token good with 2FA failure


  • Prefer keeping the same IP addresses when restarting a provision
  • Added code to delete networks after the deletion of provisioning network in SoftLayer_Virtual_Host
  • Unroute static subnets targeting primary IP addresses upon host reclaim.