Release Note

October 21, 2022


  • Reliably populate SoftLayer_Network_Subnet::gateway and broadcastAddress for non-static subnets.
  • Removed PhoneFactor Exceptions and Exception message translations
  • Added validation to Customer rate limit values
  • Allow upgrades to use additional private network interfaces
  • Expose permissionCheckLikeMasterUserFlag to API


  • Fix an issue causing some order verification and order placement to return generic errors from the API.
  • Auto-resume guests when live migration bug occurs that suspends the guest unintentionally
  • Prevent IPSec VPN orders on VRF enabled accounts
  • Fixed multiple bugs/inconsistencies related to parent/child device access violation. Parent/Child Customer relationships should now be honored in device access changes.
  • Suspend all existing Autoscale groups in preparation to deprecate the product