Release Note

March 22, 2024


  • Added new vendor codes for vmware add ons. Create new vendor code for VMWare VCF Addons SOFTWARE-1890
  • Fix regenerating quotes with default partition template ids > 1 and custom partitions disabled. Failures ordering from quotes with a default partition template and a package that disables custom partitions SALES-14340
  • Fix for a problem on VSI orders with Windows on other environments outside of commercial.. Account for different default template IDs across environments SALES-14284
  • Disallow migrating dedicated hosts to non-dedicated hosts. Instead create a separate page for dedicated guests.. Disallow migrating dedicated hosts to non-dedicated hosts VIRT-12349
  • Removal of API endpoints associated with subnet registrations:
    • SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail_Property.createObject/createObjects
    • SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail_Property.editObject/editObjects
    • SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail_Property.deleteObject
    • SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail.createObject
    • SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail.editObject
    • SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail.deleteObject
    • SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail.validatePersonForAllRegistrars
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Details.createObject
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Details.deleteObject
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration.createObject/createObjects
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration.editObject
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration.clearRegistration
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration.editRegistrationAttachedDetails.
    • Cut off SLDN access to RIR functionality other than read NETWORK-14347
  • Expose reconfigureConsole method on SLDN but only function on Federal. Allow FED customers to reconfigure their KVM console VIRT-12914