Release Note

April 12, 2024


  • Allow accounts to self-service conversion to VRF without a support ticket via SoftLayer_Network::enableVrf which will immediately start the process of converting the account to VRF which incurs a backend network connectivity disruption. This action requires NETWORK_VLAN_SPANNING permission.. Introduce Network::enableVrf() NETWORK-14373
  • Fixed bug where calling getBandwidthList and only having firewalls on the account would result in a “Missing device parameter(s)” exception. Fix validation for customers who call getBandwidthList that only have firewalls NETWORK-14381
  • Added new capacity units for software licenses. Add Support for New Units for Software Licenses SOFTWARE-1892
  • Fix dedicated host allocation calculations during migrations. Fix dedicated host allocation values to calculate from guest values instead of host allocation status VIRT-12888
  • Add billing item ID to requestVdrContentUpdates when a compute resource already has a bandwidth pooling billing item. Add billing item ID to exception message in SoftLayer_Network_Bandwidth_Version1_Allotment_Behavior_VirtualDedicatedRack::validateAdditionPendingResource() NETWORK-14316