Release Note

June 5, 2024


  • Auto-escalate failed transaction restarts for guests after one attempt.. Automatically escalate failed transaction restarts VIRT-12680
  • Adding nfsCapable record to HW_COMPONENT_MODEL_ATTR_TYPE table. Create new drive controller attribute for NSF identification METAL-6137
  • Removing the SoftLayer_Network_Backbone and SoftLayer_Network_Backbone_Location_Dependent services, as well as supporting artifact SoftLayer_Location::backboneDependents. Deprecate Backbone NETWORK-14301
  • Update storage group template handling to work with pcie disks.. Handling presets with storage group templates was missed with original M.2 work SALES-14381
  • IBM Cloud CDN service - Disable new CDN instance creation because of CDN service End of Market from April 29, 2024. CDN API - Disable CDN mapping creation NETWORK-14358
  • Fix error when attempting to grab Hardware ORM key from SoftLayer_Account when user has access to 0 devices. Fix Account getAllowedDeviceIds to correctly allow sorting USER-4918
  • Fix dedicated host allocation value related bug. Fix null values on dedicated host allocation values VIRT-12951