May 2, 2016

Create a new Bandwidth Pool

Creating a new Bandwidth pool. This allows you to optimize your bandwidth usage by _pooling_ all of the bandwidth together for servers in a the Pool.

Operation: POST

Method: SoftLayer_Network_Bandwidth_Version1_Allotment::createObject()

URL: SoftLayer_Network_Bandwidth_Version1_Allotment/createObject

Example Payload:

	"parameters": [{
		"accountId": 111111,
		"bandwidthAllotmentTypeId": 2,
		"locationGroupId": 1,
		"name": "My_new_Bancwidth_Pool",
		"serviceProviderId": 1

Example CURL:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data @createpool.json "https://$SOFTLAYER_USERNAME:$"


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