May 4, 2017

Get Virtual Console Virtual Guest

Retrieve the IP, username, and password needed to access the KVM console for a Virtual Guest.

Operation: GET

Method: SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::getObject()

URL: SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest/getObject

Example CURL:


Example Response:

    "accountId": xxxxx,
    "consoleIpAddressRecord": {
        "ipAddress": {
            "ipAddress": ""
        "port": 5902
    "createDate": "2017-05-02T11:00:54-06:00",
    "dedicatedAccountHostOnlyFlag": false,
    "domain": "",
    "fullyQualifiedDomainName": "",
    "globalIdentifier": "1c02e7d5-7a4e-4324-9ff2-xxxxxxxx",
    "hostname": "kube",
    "id": 31678643,
    "lastPowerStateId": null,
    "lastVerifiedDate": null,
    "managedResourceFlag": false,
    "maxCpu": 2,
    "maxCpuUnits": "CORE",
    "maxMemory": 4096,
    "metricPollDate": null,
    "modifyDate": "2017-05-02T11:10:50-06:00",
    "operatingSystem": {
        "hardwareId": null,
        "id": 15948205,
        "manufacturerLicenseInstance": "",
        "passwords": [
                "createDate": "2017-05-02T11:04:32-06:00",
                "id": 17502747,
                "modifyDate": "2017-05-02T11:04:32-06:00",
                "password": "redacted",
                "port": null,
                "software": null,
                "softwareId": 15948205,
                "username": "root"


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