August 22, 2016

Attach and Detach a Block Device to a Virtual_Guest

Attaching and detaching secondary block devices on Virtual Guests

Attaching a currently detached portable block device to a given guest. The disk image will need to be migrated to the host the guest is on, so make sure to check if that host has enough disk space (with checkHostDiskAvailability) before attaching. This is only required for guests with local storage guests. SAN based guests don’t need that step.

Running this on a disk that is already attached will move the disk to the new guest.

require 'softlayer_api'
require 'pp'

# Credentials to the API are read from a configuration file by default.
# See
client = => 120)
disk_id = 87654321
guest_id = 1234567

attach = client['SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest']
item = attach.object_with_id(guest_id).attachDiskImage(disk_id)

pp item

To detach the disk simply change attachDiskImage(disk_id) to detachDiskImage(disk_id).


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