August 23, 2016

Create a snapshot schedule

Create a snapshot schedule for Endurance storage.

This method is not valid for Legacy iSCSI Storage Volumes. You need to have already purchased snapshot space for the script to work properly.

require 'softlayer_api'
require 'pp'

# Credentials to the API are read from a configuration file by default.
# See
client = => 120)

storageId = 11657445

# Define parameters for snapshot
scheduleType = 'WEEKLY'
retentionCount = '20'
minute = '1'
hour = '13'
dayOfWeek = 'SUNDAY'

snap = client['SoftLayer_Network_Storage']
enable = snap.object_with_id(storageId).enableSnapshots(scheduleType, retentionCount, minute, hour, dayOfWeek)
pp enable 


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