Items with tag slcli


    • The SoftLayer Golang Library
      Covers how to use the Golang library to make API calls, along with some basics of the IBMCLOUD cli tool, which is written in golang.
    • The SoftLayer Python Library
      Covers using the softlayer-python project to interact with the SoftLayer API, along with how to use the `slcli`, a command line tool, which is bundled with the softlayer-python library
    • Understanding and building an order using the Softlayer order CLI
      In version 5.4.0 of softlayer-python, there is a new slcli command for placing IaaS cloud server orders using the API. This command can also be used to place orders for products that are normally ordered through the IBM Cloud infrastructure customer portal.
    • VSI Flavors
      Our public virtual server offering now comes in four distinct virtual server families: balanced, balanced local storage, compute, and memory. With this enhancement, IBM continues its effort to provide you with a first-class public cloud experience by taking the guesswork out of provisioning the right instance flavor for your workload needs.


    • Threads for improved API performance
      Describes how to use Python's Thread library to improve how quickly API commands can be executed by doing them in parallel instead of in series.