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    • Python
      Using the SoftLayer API with python




    • IBMCloud CLI
      The IBMCloud CLI is used to interact with the wider world of IBM cloud services. Included in the IBMCLoud CLI is the `sl` command which is mostly at feature parity with SLCLI.
    • SoftLayer CLI
      The SLCLI is a tool used to easily interact with the SoftLayer API
    • IBM Cloud for AWS professionals
      This article will hopefully help anyone coming from the AWS ecosystem translate their workloads into IBM Cloud.
    • SoftLayer Knife
      A Chef Knife plugin for launching, bootstrapping, and managing compute instances in the IBM SoftLayer cloud.
    • Tools
      These are external tools which integrate with SoftLayer. Please select one below to see details
    • SoftLayer SDKs
      A list of the various SDKs for easily interacting with the SoftLayer API.