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This is a Beta release of the Security Group feature. The use of this feature is restricted to select
users. When the Beta period is over, security groups will be available for all users. Contact
using 'Security Groups' in the subject line with any questions.

The Security Group service provides a common interface to interact with an account's security groups, their rules,
and virtual guest instances associated with the groups. A security group contains a set of
rules that handle traffic to both the public and private interfaces
of a virtual guest instance. Virtual guest network components can be attached or detached to associate or
disassociate virtual guest instances with the security groups.


Add new rules to a security group
Create new security groups
Delete security groups
Detach network components from a security group by deleting its network component binding
Edit security groups
Edit rules that belong to the security group
Retrieve the account for this security group
Get all security groups
Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_SecurityGroup record.
Retrieve the rules for this security group
Remove rules from a security group