Items with tag softlayer_ticket_subject





    • getAllObjects
      Retrieve all possible ticket subjects. The SoftLayer customer portal uses this method in the add standard support ticket form.
    • getCategory
    • getChildren
      A child subject
    • getGroup
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the init parameter passed to the SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject service.
    • getParent
      A parent subject
    • getTopFiveKnowledgeLayerQuestions
      SoftLayer maintains relationships between the generic subjects for standard administration and the top five commonly asked questions about these subjects. getTopFileKnowledgeLayerQuestions() retrieves the top five questions and answers from the SoftLayer KnowledgeLayer related to the given ticket subject.
    • SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject
      The SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject data type models one of the possible subjects that a standard support ticket may belong to. A basic support ticket's title matches it's corresponding subject's name.
    • SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject
      Every standard support ticket submitted to SoftLayer contains a relationship to a pre-determined subject which populates that ticket's title. The SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject service retrieves these subjects. These ticket subjects also determine which department a ticket is opened for.