Validate a firewall update request rule.


Validate the supplied firewall request rule against the object it will apply to. For IPv4 rules, pass in an instance of SoftLayer_Network_Firewall_Update_Request_Rule. for IPv6 rules, pass in an instance of SoftLayer_Network_Firewall_Update_Request_Rule_Version6. The ID of the applied to object can either be applyToComponentId (an ID of a SoftLayer_Network_Component_Firewall) or applyToAclId (an ID of a SoftLayer_Network_Firewall_Module_Context_Interface_AccessControlList). One, and only one, of applyToComponentId and applyToAclId can be specified.

If validation is successful, nothing is returned. If validation is unsuccessful, an exception is thrown explaining the nature of the validation error.


Name Type Description
rule SoftLayer_Network_Firewall_Update_Request_Rule The rule to validate
applyToComponentId integer The ID of a SoftLayer_Network_Component_Firewall this rule will apply to.
applyToAclId integer The ID of a SoftLayer_Network_Firewall_Module_Context_Interface_AccessControlList this rule will apply to.

Required Headers

  • authenticate

Return Values

  • void

Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception

Throws an exception for any validation failure