SoftLayer_Network_Pod refers to a portion of a data center that share a Backend Customer Router (BCR) and usually a front-end counterpart known as a Frontend Customer Router (FCR). A Pod primarily denotes a logical location within the network and the physical aspects that support networks. This is in contrast to representing a specific physical location.

A Pod is identified by a name, which is unique. A Pod name follows the format ‘dddnn.podii’, where ‘ddd’ is a data center code, ’nn’ is the data center number, ‘pod’ is a literal string and ‘ii’ is a two digit, left-zero- padded number which corresponds to a Backend Customer Router (BCR) of the desired data center. Examples:

  • dal09.pod01 = Dallas 9, Pod 1 (ie. bcr01)
  • sng01.pod02 = Singapore 1, Pod 2 (ie. bcr02)
  • par01.pod01 = Paris 1, Pod 1 (ie. bcr01)



Retrieve a list of Pods; optionally filtered via datacenter and/or capabilities.


Retrieve capabilities for the Pod.


Retrieve a Pod by name.


Retrieve a list of all possible capabilities Pods may fulfill.