Delete an individual file within a Storage account.


{{CloudLayerOnlyMethod}} Delete an individual file within a Storage account. Depending on the type of Storage account, Deleting a file either deletes the file permanently or sends the file to your account’s recycle bin.

Currently, Virtual Server storage is the only type of Storage account that sends files to a recycle bin when deleted. When called against a Virtual Server storage account , this method also determines if the file is in the account’s recycle bin. If the file exist in the recycle bin, then it is permanently deleted.

Please note, a file can not be restored once it is permanently deleted.


Name Type Description
fileId string The id or guid of the file you wish to delete.

Required Headers

Optional Headers

  • None

Return Values

  • boolean

Error Handling

  • Throw the error “Not yet implemented for this Storage type.” if the Storage type is not supported.

Associated Methods

curl -g -u $SL_USER:$SL_APIKEY -X POST -d '{"parameters": [string]}' \