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    • VLAN Trunking
      An explanation of how to trunk vlans with the CLI so servers can have access to more than their native VLANs
    • Step By Step Ordering
      Explains how the SofltLayer catalog works, how to navigate it to find packages, items, prices to build an order with. How to take those items and verify or place an actual order. Along with how to view your invoice to see the order you just placed.
    • Events and Notifications
      How to manage Event Notifications through the API. Covers both monitoring and maintenance events, and how configure which email addresses get notified about these events.
    • Deprecation
      How Deprecation works with the SoftLayer API.
    • The SoftLayer Golang Library
      Covers how to use the Golang library to make API calls, along with some basics of the IBMCLOUD cli tool, which is written in golang.
    • The SoftLayer Python Library
      Covers using the softlayer-python project to interact with the SoftLayer API, along with how to use the `slcli`, a command line tool, which is bundled with the softlayer-python library
    • Searching with the SoftLayer API
      An explanation of how to use the SoftLayer_Search service.
    • Accessing your Virtual Guest Console
      Explains how to get the needed information to login to a virtual guest KVM console.
    • User Management
      How to interact with users on your account. Breaks down a lot of the various API calls required to manage an account, such as getting login attempts, event logs, permissions and more.
    • Getting Started
      Basics for the SoftLayer API
    • Bandwidth
      How to keep track of bandwidth for servers and virtual guests.
    • Basic and Advanced Ordering
      A breakdown of Classic Infrastructure Ordering.
    • The Catalog
      Details of how to read the product catalog, find prices, item conflicts, location and other restrictions.
    • Classic Infrastructure Networking
      An overview of how networking is connected on Classic Infrastructure, and the APIs used to control it.
    • SoftLayer API 101 Presentation
      How the SoftLayer API works, and what each piece of an API call is for.
    • Billing and Invoices
      Some examples of how to get billing and invoicing data from the API.
    • Exception Handling in the SoftLayer API
      How to handle Exceptions provided by the SoftLayer API
    • Single Account Billing Detail
      This tutorial walks you through accessing detailed billing data for a single specified account using a specified time and date range
    • Automating Block Storage
      An example of how to order a VSI and then automatically add a storage volume with a post install script.
    • Sub-Organization Billing Detail
      This tutorial walks you through accessing the steps required to access detailed billing data across sub-organization accounts using a specified date and time range.
    • Understanding and building an order using the Softlayer order CLI
      In version 5.4.0 of softlayer-python, there is a new slcli command for placing IaaS cloud server orders using the API. This command can also be used to place orders for products that are normally ordered through the IBM Cloud infrastructure customer portal.
    • VSI Flavors
      Our public virtual server offering now comes in four distinct virtual server families: balanced, balanced local storage, compute, and memory. With this enhancement, IBM continues its effort to provide you with a first-class public cloud experience by taking the guesswork out of provisioning the right instance flavor for your workload needs.
    • SLDN Articles
      A collection of posts detailing ways to use the SoftLayer API
    • Object-Filters
      How Object Filters work
    • How to Solve: Error fetching http headers
      Error Fetching http headers is a common error to encounter when working with the SLAPI. Here is how to fix it.
    • Object-Masks
      How Object Masks work. Used to specify which relational properties you would like included in your query.
    • SSL Management
      Working with SSL certs
    • SOAP in Perl
      Interacting with the SoftLayer API SOAP endpoint with Perl
    • Authenticating to the SoftLayer API
      Authenticating to the SoftLayer API
    • C Sharp
      C Sharp
    • Date Handling in the SoftLayer API
      Working with datatypes from the SoftLayer API
    • Legacy Object Masks
      (DEPRECIATED) Dealing with Legacy Object Masks
    • PERL
    • Permission Enforcement in the SoftLayer API
      The SoftLayer API is built around the same system of user permissions that power the SoftLayer customer portal. What the API exposes and allows depends on the user account that is making the call and that user's permission set.
    • PHP
      SoftLayer provides a PHP-based API client that takes the heavy lifting out making manual SOAP or XML-RPC calls.
    • REST
      Getting started with REST API calls
    • Ruby
      Ruby Basics
    • SOAP
      How to interact with the SoftLayer SOAP endpoint
    • Using Initialization Parameters in the SoftLayer API
      How Initialization parameters work
    • Using Result Limits in the SoftLayer API
      How to paginate results from the SoftLayer API using ResultLimits
    • Visual Basic .NET
      Visual Basic .NET
    • XML-RPC
      How to interact with the XML-RPC endpoint



    • Threads for improved API performance
      Describes how to use Python's Thread library to improve how quickly API commands can be executed by doing them in parallel instead of in series.