The SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_Transaction data type contains basic information tracked at SoftLayer to allow automation of Swip creation, update, and removal requests. A specific transaction is attached to an accountId and a subnetId. This also contains a "Status Name" which tells the customer what the transaction is doing:

* REQUEST QUEUED: Request is queued up to be sent to ARIN
* REQUEST SENT: The email request has been sent to ARIN
* REQUEST CONFIRMED: ARIN has confirmed that the request is good, and should be available in 24 hours
* OK: The subnet has been checked with WHOIS and it the SWIP transaction has completed correctly
* REMOVE QUEUED: A subnet is queued to be removed from ARIN's systems
* REMOVE SENT: The removal email request has been sent to ARIN
* REMOVE CONFIRMED: ARIN has confirmed that the removal request is good, and the subnet should be clear in WHOIS in 24 hours
* DELETED: This specific SWIP Transaction has been removed from ARIN and is no longer in effect
* SOFTLAYER MANUALLY PROCESSING: Sometimes a request doesn't go through correctly and has to be manually processed by SoftLayer. This may take some time.

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