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Home of all the documentation you need for leveraging the SoftLayer API.

Our API provides direct control over every aspect of every SoftLayer service, as well as your SoftLayer customer account. And when we say every, we mean every .

So learn more now about using the API to manage your SoftLayer environment, integrate the SoftLayer API with other APIs, and more. And connect with other developers to share tips, ideas, and best practices.

Language Guides

While the SoftLayer API can be used with any programming language that has supports the SOAP, XML-RPC, or REST protocols, we have created these API clients to help you get started.

Object Storage

With the release of SoftLayer Object Storage, we wanted to integrate brand-unique, value-added features on top of the already comprehensive tools that have been set in place to provide a first-in-class product for our customers.

Latest Blog Posts

September 14, 2015
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September 14, 2015
Portal Properly display an error when setting a tag of greater than 128 characters. API Fixed an issue with monitoring email subscriber changes not taking immediate effect. Fix a regression in which the Account.privateSubnets and Account.publicSubnets properties were not able to be filtered. Performance/Endurance storage provisioning improvements Improved provisioning time of monitoring robots ... read more
September 3, 2015
Portal Correct Display Inconsistencies for Flexible Credit Participants API Improve performance of hardware and virtual guest callbacks Upgrades the interface with the APNIC registrar to support their new session based authentication system, allowing for proper modification of rwhois entires. ... read more